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Stop letting your website traffic get away without clicking or calling

“Want to know the quickest path to profits online?”

CONVERSION often spells the difference between failure and success on the Internet. If you can turn website traffic into paying customers, you have the key to instant online profits.

But for a webpage to convert traffic into paying customers these three things need to happen:

1. Get their Attention

2. Keep them Engaged

3. Call them to Action

All three elements must be present. You cannot get someone to engage with your page unless you first capture their attention. Next you need to communicate your message to get them to the point that they want to take the next step, which is your call to action.

Get Their Attention

What gets attention is a proposition that speaks directly to the viewer on an emotional level. A good proposition contains the following:

    • You-oriented: About them not us
    • Clear benefit: Whats in it for me?
    • Immediate gain: Offer a solution I want now

Keep Them Engaged

Now you need to get your viewers to proceed to their next goal. And to keep that momentum you need to ensure people keep discovering stuff that they’re interested in.

Call Them to Action

Unless you get action now – you have no chance of action EVER. It’s our human nature to put things off until a later time. We CANNOT afford that. If they wait, we lose and it will likely NEVER happen. A few tips for creating powerful Call to Actions are:

    • Your call to action must exist and be clear and bold.
    • Your prospect must feel confident that what your offering makes sense for their needs
    • It must provide urgency to act now!

Without a doubt these three principles will encourage web visitors to act now!

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