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Pay Per Click Marketing in Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, & Pocatello

Did you know that pay per click marketing is the fastest way to get interested users to visit your website?

That’s right, PPC allows you to place ad in heavily visited search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If your ad matches the users interest they will click on it and visit your website. However you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad. So it can extremely effective for a business or downright wasteful if done incorrectly.

But if you’re looking for targeted traffic fast, nothing beats our Pay per click marketing program in Idaho. 

I’ve personally managed in millions in advertising budgets giving my clients an outstanding return on investment, and I’m certified in Google Adwords.


My Story

“How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success Selling Real Estate…”
And Why That Matters To You

When I tell people I started my own web design company – they often respond, “I thought you were selling real estate?” Not anymore – but selling real estate is what led me into my current career of web design and Internet marketing.

In 2007, as a 22 year old rookie Real Estate Agent I went to the office everyday and pretended to do important things; I analyzed listings online, went on home tours, studied blank real estate contracts – and did everything but get new clients. It took 2 months of “busy work” and no home sales before I realized a universal business truth;

“If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. And if you don’t have a system to continually create new customers, your business is in serious jeopardy.”

I knew my business was in jeopardy. If I didn’t get customers fast, my career would be finished before it began. My success hinged on one question, “How do I find people looking to buy or sell homes?”

A Life Changing Discovery

A short time later I happened upon a real estate book titled, “How I Sold 83 Homes in 8 months with ZERO Marketing Expense.” The author explained how 87% of people now start their home search online – meaning millions of potential homebuyers were searching online, right then.

If I could tap into this web traffic, and convince them to become my clients, I’d have the solution to my sales problems. But first – I’d need to generate a sales lead from this traffic. Which was no easy task…

I’d have a lead if I got users to fill out a form which requested their name, phone #, and email address. Once I had this information, I could follow up over the phone. If I could turn enough leads into customers I’d be set for as long as I wanted to sell real estate. I would be insured for clients.

This was a revelation to me. My head was spinning. From that day forward I was instilled with a great desire to learn all I could about web design, how to get website traffic, and how to encourage that traffic to fill out a form and become a lead. For the next 6 months I learned all I could through self-study but was in over my head. There was too much I didn’t understand, I needed help.


I enrolled in the web development program at Eastern Idaho Technical College, headed by Christian Godfrey Ph.D. Professor Godfrey is a successful Internet Entrepreneur and has created web development programs for colleges throughout Idaho. His credentials and experience were impeccable. I devoured all the knowledge I could that he had to offer.

As my knowledge and abilities grew I was able to create my personal real estate website (still up). After 6 months of constant testing, tweaking and analyzing it began to generate leads daily for me. I was able to turn leads into clients at a rate of 17%. Not the best – but not bad either. I never came close to selling 83 homes in 8 months but my website kept me, a 22 year old kid in clients  and never fearing for customers for the next 4 years.

Then the historic housing market collapse of the fall of 2008 hit – and everyone stopped buying. I hung in there and sold until I graduated in the winter of 09’ when I decided to hang up my license. It was time to test the internet marketing strategy’s I learned in real estate in the retail market.

Success at Apple

I took a position as the Internet Marketing Director at Apple Athletic Club, in Idaho Falls ID.

Over the next year and a half I redesigned their website, tripled their traffic (to 4k+ per month), and generated 3-10 new membership leads per day from their site. But most significant was the list of over 5000 club members and prospect emails I collected. I wrote weekly email messages to this list that instantly sold-out fitness classes and earned tens of thousands of dollars in never before seen club revenue.

Did my system work as well in retail as it did in real estate? Emphatically yes – it did. What should you take away from this? Your website can be used as a tool to generate new paying customers.

The #1 U.S. SEO Company

My journey was not complete, I needed to test my skills with a wider audience. I took a position as an Online Marketing Consultant at, the #1 rated U.S. company for Search Engine Optimization according to the independent research firm (and still #1).

Working at Netmark took my current knowledge of Internet Marketing and supercharged it. It was frantic work, at any given time I was assigned 15 – 25 small business owners who hired us to optimize their website for keywords their prospects would use in search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo. For example, a spine surgeon in Texas wanted to rank highly for the keyword term, “Texas Spine Surgeon” & “San Antonio Spine Doctor.” I had clients of every type, ranging from motivational speakers to New York DJ’s to gun safe manufacturers. But what results were we able to deliver? Typically (def not always the case) I could get clients a page one keyword ranking in three months or less and routinely boost their website traffic by 5, 10, 50, and even 100 times. Then the unexpected happened.

Several clients quit Netmark (and me) – even though I had delivered the results promised. When I asked why, I was told, “The increased traffic is NOT bringing in new customers.” Meaning more traffic doesn’t always mean more profit. That’s when I had my epiphany. Right then and there I knew my time at Netmark was limited -  and I knew what to do next.

Websites That Sell

I’ve created my own web design firm – a firm that focuses on what matters most for business owners – new customers. All the traffic in the world won’t help you if your website does a poor job persuading website traffic into becoming paying customers. The Internet levels the playing field – small can compete with big. Idea’s that don’t work in a brick & mortar setting work online – The mother who crochets baby hats or the dad who builds toy boats for the bathtub are for the first time – earning a living doing what they love. Their websites make this possible.

To encourage you to do what you love, and as part of my Grand Opening Announcement — I’ve included two gifts for you: One Free Website Audit ($200 value) and One 10% Off Certificate you can use on any service I offer. I can’t wait to hear more about your business. 

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